Take 97

Before you ask… No I don’t know why I chose 97 takes for the title! It just seems like that after the number of times I had to rerecord.

Having my summer holidays starting early, I’ve got to find things to fill my day with. Yesterday was “make the samba screencast” day.

New format as well. Full 720p HD format and also a little introduction at the start.

Here it is anyway, in all of it’s hd goodness:

Samba Filesharing

I seemed to be extremely slow in making this screencast too. It took me the whole day to make a 4 and a half minute screencast. I suppose. I wasn’t working on it constantly though.

So, in making the screencast I did the following things:

  • Planned my general script while running through it with a vm
  • Make a little presentation to start off the screencast
  • Get the transitions to work just right
  • Record the intro + presentation
  • Add audio
  • Record the content
  • Add audio
  • Record the ending
  • Add audio
  • Join it all together

Simple, eh? Not really. I kept bumping in to little problems whilst recording which annoyed me everytime.

And with the audio, if I say one word wrong, that’s it, I’d have to start again. Audacity seems to hate me. If I was to want to have a separate track to record to it would decide that the sound would be all broken up. Annoying I know, but I think I fixed it *after* I recorded all the sound. At least it should be better next time!

And today I found out that I forgot to include a part on changing the samba configuration file.

Oh well. Hopefully more will be on the way soon!


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