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Linux Software RAID 5

So, I’ve been using MythTV recently. I have my master backend upstairs, with all of the storage. And then downstairs is the slave backend with the three tuner cards. Soon after setting all of this up, I found that I was going to run out of disk space for recordings pretty quickly.

Therefore, I bought three 750GB hard disks to complement the one 750GB disk that I had already. And I decided to get a bit of RAID 5 set up. I didn’t trust the fake raid card in my server box, or even believe it was supported in Ubuntu. So I had a look into software RAID. It looked pretty good, so that’s what’s setting up now.

Scan Packaging

I was a bit shocked to see the packaging Scan.co.uk sent the hard disks in, as you can see. There is also a hard drive mounting kit for a optical drive bay in there as well. Luckily, nothing seems damaged, so let’s hope it stays that way!

Hard Disks in Server

And this is the process I am following to get all of this organised and set up…

  1. Connect up all the new hard disks
  2. Format the new disks and set the RAID flag
  3. Create a new blank RAID array with the three disks
  4. Transfer all the old data onto the array
  5. Change the /var/nas mount point to the new array
  6. Format the old disk
  7. Add the old disk to the array and expand the array
  8. Expand the file system

It’s taking time, but it’s coming along. I’m at step #7, and it looks like it’s going to take a while. It’s at 3.9% and has an estimated time of 869 minutes left. Should give me a chance to do something useful.

Anyway… On to some revision. See ya.